About CMS Asset Management

We are consulting engineers specialized in maintenance and asset management. We deliver solutions to our public and private clients in the water, infrastructure, transport, energy, food, pharma, process industry and maritime sectors.

Our mission statement

CMS Asset Management optimizes the management and maintenance process so that your organization becomes or stays sustainable, durable and transparent. Core competencies are the people and the pragmatic translation of the optimization plan to good maintenance practices.

CMS and asset management

The world of maintenance has changed rapidly over the last 10 years. Asset management is becoming more and more a common used term. Especially after the introduction of the PAS 55 standard. CMS Asset Management was established in 1998 by ing. Luc de Laat. In those days mr. De Laat used his maintenance management experience to improve many maintenance organizations according proven models. Several maintenance and reliability engineers and consultants where added to the team to execute and support our clients. In the last 10 years CMS has evolved to an asset management firm, offering integral change projects and maturing our clients to the highest possible asset management level.

CMS maintenance maturity modelĀ©

Over the years CMS has developed a maintenance maturity modelĀ© to assess and scan companies and organizations before a change is executed or being implemented. Within this model several elements are judged qualitative and quantitatively, uncovering the gaps and realizing a road map to move to the desired maturity phase in the model. Items like workflow management, maintenance concepts, documentation, inventory and budget planning are assessed and scored. Realizing an in depth understanding of its positions on the model.

Our products and services

We are able to support companies in three areas

  • Asset management consultancy;
  • Maintenance engineering;
  • Information management and IT.

Asset management consultancy

Many organizations have been active for years regarding the management of maintenance, quality, environment and safety systems. More and more these standards are being integrated. How should this be guided? Which processes should be optimized? And what roles and responsibilities are required?

Asset management has many definitions. It is often used, however what does it really mean? And more important, how can it be used? Asset management goes beyond maintenance management. The objection is to utilize the most optimum performance from the assets within acceptable risks and costs measured over its full lifetime.

CMS delivers the service to optimize organizations around capital assets and improving their sustainable position against the defined company objectives, by for instance:

  • Asset management business scan;
  • ISO 55000 asset management scan;
  • Interim maintenance management.

Maintenance engineering

Maintenance management is for many companies with technical installations (assets) crucial for the overall business performance. Maintenance can affect equipment availability, costs and the level of risk severely.

CMS delivers products and services specifically for the use and maintain phase of assets to reach company goals. For example:

  • Maintenance management scan;
  • Maintenance concepts;
  • Risk analysis;
  • FMECA and RCM analysis;
  • Workflow procedures development;
  • Reliability engineering;
  • Maintenance engineering;
  • Design & LCC analysis;
  • Contract assurance;
  • Configuration management.

Information management and IT

Information management is focused on how organizations utilize their data to achieve company goals. The management of maintenance procedures around technical assets requires a healthy information management. CMS supports organizations with their information management requirements with, for example:

  • EAM selection support;
  • EAM implementation support;
  • EAM scan;
  • Application management;
  • Training;
  • Report development;
  • Data integrity.

Contact us now

Would you like to know how we could help you? Please contact Luc de Laat by phone or email: +31 73 648 0563 or info@cmsam.nl. Thank you for contacting us!